Natural Treatment of Cysts

One idea that I’ve come across a lot lately in my research is that detoxification can help clear ovarian cysts.   Is there any truth to this idea?

There might be.  However, there’s not a lot of scientific research to back it up.  There are quite a few personal testimonials though.  And the ideas behind it just might work…

You see, there’s a lot of places that our bodies pick up contamination.  We are exposed every day to estrogenic compounds.  In pesticides, in the drinking water, in dairy products, in meat, in soy…the list can go on and on.  This exposure to excess estrogen is having an untold effect upon our bodies.

Just think about it – we have things going on like young girls maturing earlier, women having menopause later, higher incidence of diabetes and insulin resistance, infertility, ovarian cysts, the list could go on and on!

Now, your liver is capable of removing extra estrogen from your system.  However, most people’s livers are very clogged up with gallstones and even parasites (YUCK!)  But fortunately, it doesn’t seem especially hard to get rid of these.

There are several liver cleanses available (there’s other cleanses as well, but if you want to try a cleanse, I’d start with this one.)  Before you do it, you have to do a parasite cleanse to get rid of liver flukes. Otherwise, it will just make you very sick.

A liver cleanse should usually be done over the weekend, after you complete the parasite cleanse.  Before you start it, you will want to drink a half gallon of unsweetened natural apple juice for 3 days.  This will soften the stones to help them pass easily.  It doesn’t taste that great, but it’s very necessary!

For the liver cleanse, there are not a lot of supplies that you need.  I’ve included links to Amazon for a few of these, but you probably will be able to find ingredients in your local health food or drug store.  Here’s a quick list:

Here is the schedule you will follow.  Stick to this for the best results.

2:00 PM – Stop eating and drinking.  Prepare your Epsom salts.  Mix 4 teaspoons in 3 cups of water and pour it into a jar.  This will be four servings at ¾ cup each.  Put it in the fridge to get cold – this helps with the taste.

6:00 PM – Have your first serving of Epsom salts.  Drink ¾ cup.  You can drink a few sips of plain water afterwards to rinse out your mouth.  Get out your olive oil and grapefruit to warm up.

8:00 PM – Have your second serving of Epsom salts.  Take care of any tasks you need to do before bed, as you will be laying down after the next serving, and staying down most of the day tomorrow.

9:45 PM – Prepare the cleansing drink.  Pour ½ cup of olive oil into the jar.  Wash your grapefruit well and dry it.  Squeeze it into the measuring cup.  Make sure you get at least ½ cup of juice, but up to ¾ cup is best.  You can add part fresh lemonade (not from a mix) if you don’t have enough.  Remove any pulp, and add this to the olive oil.  Also add 10 to 20 drops of the black walnut tincture.  Put a lid on the jar, and shake it hard until it’s watery.

Then visit the bathroom one more time.

10:00 PM (Not more than 15 minutes late).  Drink the mixture.  Take 4 ornithine capsules to make sure you can sleep through the night (take 8 if you already have insomnia).  You can use a plastic straw to make drinking this easier.  You can also have straight honey to chase this down between sips.  Get it all down in 5 minutes.

Then lie down immediately.  The sooner you lie down, the more stones you will get out.  Lie flat on your back with your head high up on the pillow and try to keep perfectly still for at least twenty minutes.

You’ll feel a really weird sensation at this point.  You can actually feel the gall stones rolling out of the liver.  It doesn’t hurt because you’ve opened the ducts with the Epsom salts.  But it is one of the weirdest sensations I’ve ever felt.

Go to sleep at this point in order to get the most stones out.

The Next Morning:   (not earlier than 6 AM) When you wake up, drink your next dose of Epsom salts.  If you feel nauseous, wait until it passes before you drink them.  Then go back to bed.

2 Hours later:  Take the last dose of Epsom salts.  You can then go back to bed again.

After two more hours you can eat again.  First drink fruit juice.  In another half hour, have some fruit.  An hour later, eat regular food but keep it light.  By dinner time, you should feel back to normal.

Expect to have very loose, watery diarrhea in the morning.  You should see green gallstones in your bowel movements.  These will float.  Count them all the best you can – you may see up to 2000 stones!  You will also sometimes see what is called “chaff.”  These are cholesterol crystals that didn’t form into stones.  Usually, these float and are tan colored with millions of tiny white crystals.

Most people who do this report a big boost in energy levels, both from the death of the parasites and the increased functioning of the liver.  Now, don’t do this if you are pregnant or nursing – herbs may have a bad effect on a baby.    Also, I would talk to your doctor if you have any preexisting liver conditions or are taking any medications.  Herbs do interact with medications, or could make an underlying health condition worse.

If you try this, let us know what your results are!

This actually was released at the end of August, but I thought it was pretty exciting news…

The National Instititute of Health announced that it awarded several grants to study botanical treatments for certain disorders.  Two of these studies directly cover herbs commonly recommended for ovarian cyst treatment.  Here’s the 411:

Botanical Dietary Supplements for Women’s Health

Principal Investigator: Norman Farnsworth, Ph.D.
University of Illinois at Chicago

This center has been supported for 10 years and has always focused on women’s health. In this new cycle, the center’s mission has evolved to a focus on the safety of botanical dietary supplements, such as black cohosh and licorice, which are widely available. The investigators will study how multi-component mixtures work together; how they are absorbed, distributed and eliminated by the body; how they affect chemical and physical processes within the body; how they interact with drugs; and how they impact women’s own estrogenic hormones.

Botanical Estrogens: Mechanisms, Dose and Target Tissues

Principal Investigator: William Helferich, Ph.D.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Partner Institutions:
University of Mississippi, University; Oregon State University, Corvallis; National Center for Toxicological Research, Jefferson, Ark.

This new center will address safety, efficacy, and mechanism of action of botanical estrogens, such as wild yam, soy and dong quai, currently being consumed by women. The projects will look at biological effects of botanical estrogens on molecular mechanisms and cellular pathways, and their actions on bone, uterus, breast tissue, breast cancer metastasis, and cognition.

Of specific interest are dong quai, wild yam, and soy.  Dong quai and soy are both estrogenic herbs – they affect your level of estrogen.  Wild yam is used to make progesterone cream, which may be useful in controlling ovarian cysts.  Black cohosh and licorice are also often recommended to treat cysts as well.

However, not all of these herbs work.  Some actually make cysts worse in certain women.   Most women already have an overabundance of estrogen, thanks to many sources in the environment.   This can actually increase the number of follicles released which are not all reabsorbed.  It also can worsen endometriosis, a common contributor to cysts.

Progesterone cream, on the other hand, shows promise for helping heal endometrial cysts and PCOS.   The progesterone applied at the right time of the month signals the cyst to dissolve.  It also helps to shrink endometrial tissue.

It will be very interesting to see what the results of this study will be!  Of course, it’ll probably be a few years until we find out 🙂

You can see the news story here.

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