I came across a great article today from Boing Boing.  Basically, they are covering the TED conference in California.  Oneof the speakers talked about how certain foods can actually inhibit the growth of cancer.  Here’s the list:

Basically, these foods contain compounds that are called antiangiogenic.  What that means is that they keep the body from growing new blood vessels.  Tumors need blood in order to survive.  In fact, studies showed that animals with large tumors who were treated with antiangiogenic medications had a significant reduction in the size of the tumors.  In human studies, most cancers responded well to this sort of treatment, as long as they were in the early stages.

What does this mean for ovarian cysts?  Well, if there is any fear that the cyst is cancerous, you can try a diet of these foods to help your body shrink the cyst.  However, for fluid filled cysts, this may or may not help.  Since those don’t rely as much on blood vessel supply, they are less likely to shrink.  Still, including these foods in your everyday diet may help your overall health.