While browsing the Internet today, I came across this article: Raw Food Q & A.  I’ll admit, I’ve never eaten a raw food diet, though I’ve known someone who did and claimed it made her feel incredibly healthy.  But one thing that caught my eye was this quote:

Q: Why would someone want to eat a raw and living foods diet?

A: The biggest reason to eat a raw food diet is for the way it makes you feel. Raw foods make you feel alive and full of positive, loving energy. There are also numerous health benefits to eating a raw food diet. We have personally experienced weight loss, freedom from years of clinically medicated depression and anxiety attacks, the complete cure of irritable bowel syndrome, overcoming alcoholism, regulation of menstrual cycle and alleviation of ovarian cysts, and the clearing of skin and eyes. Other people have used the raw diet to help heal them of everything ranging from high cholesterol, arthritis, and allergies to cancer and diabetes.

Sounds interesting!  I would think that it may work, as long as you stuck with organic raw foods.  You could cut out a lot of the chemicals, processing, and hormones that is in our food supply.  And if that’s what is causing your ovarian cyst, you would probably see it disappear.

I just wonder how sustainable this type of diet would be for the long term…

For the full interview, click here.